Looking to the sky at the crack of dawn these are the colours I see



Inspired by that first glimpse of the sky as I look to the light breaking through each morning.  Filled with curiosity as to what colours I will find.  Very often here in Ireland, surrounded as we are with water, the sky is grey.  Yet even the greys interest me as I look deeper into the hues and tones searching, searching for just the right colour description.

This looking has become a passion leading me to write morning koans which in turn have brought me to painting these abstracts I call 'Daybreak'.  A koan, sometimes a riddle, other times a story or a meditation.  Each painting has one.

Take some time to look, reflect and perhaps discover more than the sky.

I am working on a new collection of Daybreak paintings right now! Send me a note if you would like to hear when they are about to launch.                                                    July 2023

100 Series

Mixed media
Wax encaustic, pigment on Fabriano
15 x 15cm approx 
White box frame 26 x 26cm

200 Series 

Mixed media 

Wax encaustic, pigment on Fabriano
17.5 x 17.5cm approx
White box frame 33 x 33cm

Daybreak 201
Daybreak 206