Natsu-jawan are Summer Bowls - vessels for drinking tea when the weather is warm. It is a traditional chawan (tea bowl), the wider shape allows tea cool more quickly.
There are many types of tea ceremony in Japan depending on the season, the time of day or a particular occasion. The first tea ceremony of the year held in January is called Hatsugama, which means “first kettle.”  Asa-cha is an early-morning summer tea ceremony. Yûzari-no-chaji is the early-evening tea ceremony held in warmer months.

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Mixed Media - Beeswax, pigments, gold
Dimensions 18 x 18cm



Natsu-Jawan 16
Natsu-jawan 1
Natsu-Jawan 18
Natsu-Jawan 19
Natsu-Jawan 20
Natsu-Jawan 21
Natsu-Jawan 22
Natsu-Jawan 23
Natsu-Jawan 25
Natsu-Jawan 26
Natsu-Jawan 27