Blossoms Berries Branches

 Inspired by Ikebana the Japanese art of arranging blossoms, branches, leaves and stems to bring out their inner qualities and express emotion.  It began with Sakura - cherry blossoms: delicate and ephemeral flowers, deeply imbued with symbolism and meaning, representing fragility, resilience, beauty and the preciousness of life.  Such attributes sit easily with the principles of wabi sabi.
Then native Irish trees, especially those that blossom or display catkins on bare branches like hazel and willow.  The elegance of Japanese pottery meets the Irish landscape... to create an East West fusion in a subtle and charming way.

Details for all paintings in this collection
Mixed Media - Beeswax, pigments, gold
Dimensions 30 x 30cm

Úll - Fhiáin
Bláthach Driseacha

                       Sceach Gheal




           Ume no Hana II


Let me paint it for you

If there is a blossom, tree or colour combination which appeals I will be happy to paint it for you.

Deora Dé Fuchsia
Sakura III Cherry Blossoms
Sméara Dubha Blackberries
Mogóir Róis Rosehips
Ceannbhán Bog Bog Cotton
Sakura II Cherry Blossoms
Apurikotto Apricot Blossoms
Moma no Hana Peach blossoms
Sakura Cherry Blossoms