Brigid Bridget Brigit Bríd

Introducing a Special Edition collection to celebrate our new Spring holiday in Ireland. Five Precious Bowls inspired by the symbolism around our national patroness, Brigid.  Once again, I am bringing together ideas from my own culture, from Celtic traditions and fusing them with the Japanese artform kintsugi. 
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                                                     February 2023

" Bridget has always fascinated me. Not only do we share a birthplace but I was also named after her. Growing up familiar with many stories of this 5th Century saint, it was much later I discovered the complexity of this revered Irish woman who is also a mythical pagan goddess. "
Mary Wallace


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 So excited to present a new range of prints and greeting cards that sing with vibrant colour and the lustre of pure gold. The effect is opulent and luxurious.  Beautiful yet broken vessels featuring native and garden flora - a unique fusion of Japanese ceramics and Irish flora.


Interviews & Media

2018 Interview:  Déshabillé - Arts Blog  Read now 

Sometimes I like to look back... 

  What a timely piece in the Sunday Business Post on November 7th just as I am about to take off to Art Source 2021 in the RDS.  Rubbing shoulders with Banksy, Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein  no less.  

    "...Lovers of the still life should head for the Mary Wallace stand. She has had great success with her series of paintings of Moon jars, striking ceramic vessels echoing the beautiful shape of the Moon, first made in 13th century Korea to symbolise the Neo-Confucian ideals of purity and integrity. When Bernard Leach, father of British studio pottery, purchased an actual Moon jar in Seoul in 1935 he said that owning it was like “carrying a piece of happiness”. Moon Jar Agapanthus ..."   

Ros Drinkwater, Fine Art correspondent, Sunday Business Post

Well, this is a blast from the past.

Yes! It's really me. A different hair style and a couple of   years younger....

After all if I am going to tell you about the stories and  inspiration behind my paintings what better way to start than to share this video with you. It's really about where it all began ....