"Living near the sea is almost as essential to me as breathing. A fascination with patterns on the Earth, pouring over maps and looking at the coastline are my inspirations here. Marking the divide between land and sea. Making Coastlines was my first Introduction to working with pure gold leaf. Such an exciting discovery!"
For someone who lives near the sea the coastline is part of your sense of place. Look at a map and immediately you can point to home. Using maps as an inspiration and reference point I paint the coastline with the land including islands in pure gold, the sea in rich tones of blue, green and purple with contours of the depths of the sea in ink. 

Do you have a favourite place by the coast?
Does it hold fond memories for you?
I would be happy to paint it.

Coastlines Dun Laoghaire to Dalkey
Coastlines Coastlines - Mussel Beds at The Raven

Beeswax, pigment, gold leaf, ink
Dimensions 125 x 90mm

Coastlines Courtown to Cahore
Coastlines Curracloe
Beeswax, pigment, gold leaf, ink
Dimensions 100 x 140mm

Coastlines The Hook
Coastlines Kilmore to Carne with Saltee Islands