The Raven

2 April 2012
I have mentioned this place to you before. It is The Raven at Curracloe, Co Wexford. A favourite place to go walking with Brendan . On this very special day Ronan came too. There was an amazing calm in the air, which is unusual as seashores in Ireland tend to be windy places. Even on the warmest day there will be a breeze coming from somewhere! There is a touch of Dali in these surreal images.

the-raven-2011-017jpgthe-raven-2011-018jpgthe-raven-2011-019jpgthe-raven-2011-020jpgthe-raven-2011-021jpgthe-raven-2011-023 1jpgthe-raven-2011-025jpgthe-raven-2011-026jpgthe-raven-2011022jpgthe-raven-2011024jpg