The Legend of Surya Bai

Surya Bai by Mary WallaceJPG
'Surya Bai' © 2017  ( Mixed media - wax, pigments, gold  35cm x 35cm ) 

22 November 2017
The Mango tree has long been held to symbolise eternal love, wealth, fertility and even immortality. Written about in the most ancient sanskrit writings it is central to this fabulous legend of undying love.

The King of the land fell in love with and married the beautiful daughter of the Sun. But the beautiful princess, Surya Bai, was forced to transform herself into a Golden Lotus to evade persecution by an evil sorceress who was jealous of her. When the king then fell in love with the beautiful flower the sorceress burnt it to the ground. All seemed lost, until a magnificent tree with dark green leaves sprang from the ashes, bearing golden fruits as radiant as the princess. One of the fruit ripened and fell to Earth. It instantly turned back into the Princess Surya Bai. The king immediately recognised her as his long-lost wife and the two lovers were reunited.