Our School Near The River - a mural

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Our School Near The River

Not every 13 year old gets to paint a mural in the heart of their village for all the world to see! That is exactly what happened in Glynn NS in June as the 6th Class pupils created an amazing work of art on the wall of their school.

The massive painting, over 2m high and 8m long, encompasses local heritage spots, flora & fauna, the River Slaney, trains old and new, Carrigmannon Woods, the National Heritage Park, Ferrycarrig Round Tower, sports activities including rowing and GAA.

It is magical to watch a project like this unfold as the children took real ownership of the artwork, seeing their own drawings and ideas take form on a previously unimaginable scale. They are so proud of what they have achieved. You hear the awe in their voices as they whisper – this will be here forever! Their mural captures the essence of life in Glynn, a village nestled beside the bluebell-filled Carrigmannon Woods and just a short distance from Killurin Bridge where it crosses the River Slaney.

 “This project has been a wonderful addition to the school, both in terms of the enjoyment and learning gained by our participating 6th Class pupils and in the beautiful legacy they leave behind in painted form for future classes to enjoy. We are grateful to Mary for her creativity, vision, and dedication in bringing our children's ideas to completion in this beautiful mural”   Méabh Cooney, School Art Co-Ordinator

 “Our 6th Class pupils are finishing their primary education shortly and are leaving their mark in a spectacular way. This would not have been possible without the co-operation and assistance of both staff, Mary Wallace, and the Heritage in Schools Scheme” Joe Ryan, Principal of Glynn NS

I am lucky to be a Heritage Specialist with Heritage in Schools. Visiting Primary Schools to bring creativity alive hand-in-hand with a love of our culture and heritage. This project was part-funded by The Heritage Council.

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Mary Wallace - demonstrating technique for painting reeds

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