Wishkin  Mary WallaceJPG 'Wishkin' by Mary Wallace

1 August, 2014
I have been looking at fish - and thinking about them - for quite a long time now. I am not really interested in painting still life. I want to paint movement and living forms. So my fish are swimming. Tails flicking. Eyes bright and alert. Muscular, toned bodies driving through the watery depths; or the more lugubrious fish which seem to be almost suspended in the tidal flow. Imagine yourself standing in the sea as the waves come crashing in. Feel the power of the waves as you resist them pushing against you. Now get down in the water. If you let yourself float the tide will bring you along. If you want to go somewhere you must use your strength to swim against the waves. Now imagine you are a fish...

'Wishkin' ~Mary Wallace © from the collection SUMMER FISHING