Confession Time

In March I received an invitation from Loretta Lau, a Hong Kong artist based in Prague, to take part in an amazing project. Her idea - over 21 days to interview 210 people internationally about their life during the pandemic over this past year.

Confession Of Virus Isolation Days: COVID-21 is an online performance art project, inspired by the quarantine situation all over the world. A massive live-streaming discourse amongst diverse artists accomplished in 21 days of isolation from 25th March to 14th April.  210 international artists, musicians, actors and individuals were invited to participate in a ‘confession session’, to share their unique emotion and story in this difficult time of isolation.

Whilst I spoke to her about my influences and experiences during lockdown in Ireland Loretta sketched my portrait with brushes on canvas over the live image.

projects 2021jpg

Loretta speaks of 'Confession' as  "Two strangers confess to each other as if trust is a ray of sunshine. Sunrise, we see through each other, nothing should be hidden. Conversation is all about confession and exposing yourself. When trust is broken, we become strangers again." 

Our conversation flowed with ease. I did not feel like I was talking to a stranger, although we had never met before.  Never even spoken before.  It was as if the common bond of being an artist, being human, being in similar situation, being in a pandemic where intimacy, closeness and coming together was not allowed, actually brought us closer. Gave us something to talk about. Yet, this was not all we talked about... as she sketched my portrait.  In some ways, although very real, this was a surreal experience!

As I write the project is ongoing and will culminate in a documentary film and a massive combined canvas of all the portraits in blue. I can' wait to see the end result.

“Blue is a typical color of cold and medicine, regarding the quarantine life and health care. It is also associated with credibility, trust, knowledge, power, professionalism, cleanliness, calm and focus. In the meantime, we need those strengths to heal the wounds of the society.” she says. 

         “How much we are different
          How much we are unique
          Break down and reassemble
          We stand together and become the pillar of each another “
                                            Loretta Lau

Mary Wallace artist amongst other artistsjpg
A small selection of the international group of artists taking part in the project.

Here are some of the places around the world where the participants come from: Slovakia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Prague, USA, Toronto, Luxembourg, Germany, Czechia, Tel Aviv, Holland, Azerbaijan, Liverpool, Montreal, Berlin, Taiwan, Sweden, Hungary, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Italy.

I am the only one from Ireland!

Thank you Loretta.  It was a pleasure talking to you.