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  Mary Wallace presents a range of prints and greeting cards that sing with vibrant colour and the lustre of pure gold. The effect is opulent and luxurious. Taking her inspiration from ordinary everyday things which she then makes extraordinary. Her images of beautiful yet broken vessels are a unique fusion of Japanese ceramics and Irish flora.

       “My work makes people feel better. They smile and see a world of hope and reassurance. These ideas are
      proving very popular right now as self awareness, personal fulfillment, well-being and resilience are
      becoming more and more relevant.”

The ancient Japanese practice of kintsugi, repairing broken porcelain using gold, and associated ideas like wabi sabi, beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete; acceptance of change and fate as aspects of human life all come together in these beautiful mixed media works of art.

Mary delights in nature. Her keen interest in heritage and the realisation that trees have long been cherished in Irish mythology and folklore inspired her to paint blossoms, fruit, buds, catkins all teeming with symbolism and stories.


Bláthach Driseacha

Bramble Blossom
A delicate flower which forms delicious hedgerow fruits ready for picking and jam-making as Summer comes to a close.  Blackberries, a child's delight!

Bláthanna Silíní

Cherry Blossoms
Delicate and ephemeral, we have two native species here in Ireland -  Bird Cherry and Wild Cherry.

Cáitíní Coill

Hazel Catkins
 The Salmon of Knowledge received his wisdom from feeding on hazelnuts which fell from nine hazel trees growing by Tobair Seagais - the mythical Well of Wisdom. 

Deora Dé

The literal translation from Gaeilge means 'tears of God'.  As children we sucked the nectar from the flower,  which is also called Honeysuckle in some parts of Ireland.

Crann Plumaí Faoi Bhláth

Plum Blossom
The plum tree is a favourite in Irish orchards and gardens. In Japan it is a protective charm and the blossom symbolises perseverence and hope.

Bláth Silíní

Cherry Blossom
Delicate and ephemeral, we have two native species here in Ireland -  Bird Cherry and Wild Cherry.


Larch has been growing in Ireland for hundreds of years and is said to protect against enchantment.


Pussy Willow
Soft downy catkins resemble kittens.  According to Druid mythology the universe was hatched from two eggs hidden beneath a willow, one became the earth and one became the sun. The willow is one of seven sacred trees of the Druids in Ireland and is said to have many magical qualities.

Mogóir Róis

The brilliant red hips from the native Wild Rose can be seen in hedgerows the length and breadth of Ireland. The medicinal syrup made from rosehips is so tasty some will pour it on icecream!

Sceach Gheal

Known as The May Tree, The May Blossom, The Whitethorn or the Faerie Tree guarding the entrance to the faerie realm and bad luck to harm one.  In May sprigs of flowers are brought inside to banish evil spirits or misfortune . But you must always make sure and ask the guardians of the tree first.

Sméara Dubha


Sweet and delicious when ripe and a favourite hedgerow berry eaten straight from the bush. But every child in Ireland is warned never to eat them after Oíche Shamhna (Halloween) !

Úll - Fhiáin

Known as wild apples in Ireland and listed as one of the seven ‘Nobles of the Wood’.  They are the only native apple and have grown here since the beginning of time.  The bright fruit remain on the tree throughout Winter falling only when they are pushed off by new growth in Spring. 

Greeting Cards 

All above designs are available as a fine quality greeting card.
Other designs including The River Merchant’s Wife and Arthearts series are also available.